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Busy, Busy, Busy… April 9, 2009

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Okay, I’ve been busy again. I’ve spent most of the time chained to my computer trying to arrange meetings and avoiding writing re-drafts but I’ve managed to find a quiet space to update the site a bit. There are many things up in the air at the moment but when that happens I’ll see about writing it on here. Till then I’ll write about something that I know is a dead cert…

I’ve been busy getting to grips with the next new draft of my play that has come about because of my involvement in the Royal Court’s Invitation Group. I have to say it’s been the most enjoyable piece to discover so far. It’s the first time that I’ve written for older characters and at present (this might not last for long) I feel quietly proud of it. I had a reading arranged at the ICA Lab run by Deva Palmier and had a two and a half hour session where my hand picked cast really gave it their all (well not all but that’s another story). I walked away a bit confused to say the least but on hindsight and with more contact I’ve not only shaped my characters more but given the story more depth and length. I went in with four characters and a 38 page script, I walked away with five characters and 60 pages to play around with.

Having your work read out is an extremely invaluable experience. You hear voices off the page that you can mould and twist and you can be ruthless with the editing process without your inner voice slapping you hand. An actor’s perspective is so cherished to me that I do recommend arranging a reading of your work, even if it’s just your mates down the corner of the pub. Having a character on the page is one thing but seeing them come alive with a real human voice and volume can only bring you more confidence and insight.

I’m currently getting ready to go to London tonight. I’ve got another reading of the new draft for the new play at the Theatre Royal, Stratford East. Not only am I looking forward to hearing this read aloud and having actor’s feedback (because let’s face it, having professional actors read your work aloud once is ace, having another reading for each new draft is just insanely fantastic) but the lovely people in charge have cast it for me and have cast two sets of actors. That means I’m going to be hearing two differing approaches to my work which seeing as I’m planning to hand the next draft in to the Royal Court on the 15th January has come at the perfect time.

I’ll have to let you know how it goes as I won’t be near a computer until Friday but fingers crossed it’s going to be a real worthy and brilliant experience.

For all writers or actors reading this and to get in on the action please look up ICA Lab on Facebook and drop Deva Palmier a message saying that you heard about it from me. It’s a great place to start up collaborations and hear new work. Mark Ravenhill has recently been shaping some new work as part of the Lab and the Blaine Brothers are regulars with their feature film work and collaborative projects also.


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